Facials And Massages That You Can Indulge In When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is that special time when every soon-to-be-mom would love to be pampered. There is a lot of misconception and doubt regarding facials and massages that can be undertaken during this time. While it is important to consult your doctor before you go for any special treatment, it’s a lot of fun to indulge yourself in a general facial routine and relaxing massage in a spa of good repute. When I was pregnant, I got a specialist massage here and it was very relaxing and soothing and overall a fabulous experience.

Why should you get a massage done when you’re expecting?

A specialist recommended massage is highly recommended because it soothes and relaxes the stiff back muscles, and sore hips. It leaves the pregnant lady feeling fresh and good about herself. When done correctly, a massage drives away the occasional pregnancy blues and is a great stress- reliever

What to expect during a massage session and when is the best time to book for any specialist massage and spa treatment?

The best time to get a specialist massage done is during the second trimester when morning sickness is mostly not there. It is best to consult your doctor and masseuse specialist before you take the step.

As a thumb rule, it is best to get your massage done from a spa that specializes in treating mums-to-be. The masseuse must be well-trained to handle expecting moms and make them relax thoroughly.

When you go in for a facial and a massage routine, go for gentler types that do not overly- sensitize your skin and does not cause any side-effects. It is important to choose products that are recommended during pregnancy and ones that can deal with any sensitive skin.

What must you avoid when you opt for a massage?

Avoid oils, creams and other products that are potentially harmful and not recommended given your pregnant condition. It is important to avoid heat treatments, saunas, and steam rooms.

Always, consult your doctor and the masseuse therapist before you get a massage or spa treatment done.…

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Which Type Of Bag Is Right For You?

Buying a bag can be a tough decision especially due to the number of options to choose from. Having a basic understanding of these types of bags will help you in the process of choosing the right one for your needs.

Let us look at some of the types of bags available today:

  1. Backpack:

The backpack is an ideal bag for sports or school. The shoulders support this type of bag. They have double handles and the bag lies on the back.

It can be worn on one shoulder or both. They come in different sizes and are available in a variety of colors.

  1. Hobo:

A hobo bag is an ideal choice when you need to carry a number of things for occasions such as a day outing or a beach trip. This type of bag is large and it has a crescent shape.

The hobo bag has a large main compartment with a closure. It is usually made of soft and flexible material. It tends to slump or slouch when it is kept down. It hangs from the shoulder.

The major difference between a hobo and a tote is that the top of the tote is usually open.

  1. Crossbody bag:

Crossbody bags are available in various sizes but they are usually not very large. The main characteristic of this bag is its long handle. This allows the user to wear the handle across the chest. It gives you great comfort by ensuring that your hands are free.

  1. Mini bag:

A relatively new entrant in the world of women’s handbags is the mini bag. This bag may be small but it can be a great symbol of power. It looks chic and stylish. It is small and compact and can carry your basic essentials. It helps you travel light and personifies self-control.

One of the brands, which offer all the above-mentioned types of bags, is Gucci. With their high quality and stylish products, they have been able to establish themselves as one of the most popular names in the fashion industry.

The mini bag is one of their most well-known products and this source of beautiful bags from gucci is a striking fashion statement.

The right bag can help you look good and feel good. No matter which type of bag you choose, always carry it with confidence and élan.


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3. Accessories to distinguish service dogs from other pets

Service dogs are basically working dogs who are not merely pets but they are trained to perform aspecial task that is of assistance to their human owners and companions.  They are special breeds trained specially to work for and care for people who need assistance foreven simple chores.

How to identify service dogs?

There are special accessories that are available for working dogslike service dogs and therapy dogs which distinguish them from other normal pets. These accessories primarily include vests and patches that come in specific colors which signify the purpose they are meant for.

  • Vests

Service dog vests are helpful in keeping others from distracting them. They also prevent people from asking awkward questions. As many people are canine friendly and very often reach out to pet them, service dog vests are indicators to tell such people not to pet them. Petting these dogs may distract them from their line of work.

Vests make service dogs look professional and tell people from far that they are at work.

  • Patches

Service dog patches are meant to identify the purpose for which your dog is providing service like a guide dog, seizure alert dog, diabetic alert dog. Hearing dog, blind dog, PTSD dog, etc. They also double up as indicators to inform people around that they should not be petted or distracted as they are working. If at all they would like to pet the working day it is preferable to ask for permission.  These patches can be sewn onto your dog’s vest for immediate identification of whether he is a therapy dog or a service dog or even other types of dogs like police dogs and search and rescue dogs.

There are many stores and online websites where these accessories are easily available and you can order them in the comfort of your homes and they will soon be delivered to your doorstep.


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