I always thought that a Sous Vide machine is only for the high ends restaurants!

How wrong I was!

Today, I made my steak for the nth time in my sous vide machine and I can tell you one thing very confidently that my steak tastes better with a sous vide machine. Even one year ago, if you would have mentioned it to me I would have had a hearty laugh and snubbed you saying who has the time and the inclination to have such fancy machines in the home kitchen.

Today, of course, I am a totally different person. My kitchen has nothing that will point to the fact that only twelve months ago I was a big fan of food only cooked in the traditional way.

The clutter in my kitchen is gone!

When you are stuck with a viewpoint, you do not realize that you are doing things the wrong way and you end up cluttering your spaces with so many things that in the end you don’t know if you are cooking more or cleaning more!

I switched because I saw a friend using it:

A slight variation in the kitchen made me switch to this form of cooking and also because a friend and a neighbor who has moved in used it and I decided to drop by to see her. She served me a piece of the cake that she said was made in the machine. That made me gape in astonishment!

I had heard about meat being cooked and also the sauces but cake! Wow!

I needed no further convincing and I bought one for myself sooner. That was the day and today, I am beginning to think that my food is tasting a lot better and I am more efficient at cooking because food comes done consistently well in taste, color and flavor!

I wish sometimes that we know good things from the beginning itself!!…