The Best 1st Birthday Present Ideas & Gifts

The birth of a child is a joyful event for both the family and people around. When this child finally gets old enough to have a birthday, the parents are over the moon and go all out to make it a special day. A birthday party is held, though the child understands nothing and will not remember anything, the people around want to give this pure soul as much love and blessings they can.

When you are invited to such a party, how do you buy the right gift? Yes, you can walk into StarWalkKids and buy things marked for a 1-year-old. Here are a few more ideas to make your present stand out from the crowd:


This is the age the child starts learning to hold things firmly. Try to pry something out of the hands of a 1-year-old and you will see what a firm grip they have. Get them colorful building blocks. They won’t know what to do with it but the colors will fascinate them. Over a period of time, they will start trying to make sense of it and put one on top of the other, building towers eventually. This is a food for their imagination.


They still don’t know to make out different shapes. Get them puzzles that involve shapes. Big blocks in different shapes that need to be put into the right hole to fit in. this will improve their cognitive development.

Light And Music

If you want to get them toys that are fun and will get their attention get them things with a lot of sounds and lights. A child of this age is bound to get cranky and unmanageable at times, these loud and bright toys can be very handy in such times.

Things That Move

These children have just started, or are yet to move on their own, unassisted. When they have something interesting moving in front of them, they are tempted to catch it, thus moving more on their own.

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10 Useful Gadgets for Seniors

Read the useful gadgets for seniors at and understand why this is a must for them.

  • Gift a senior a mobile phone. This way they can stay connected to their friends and family.

  • A virtual assistant device is a great gadget for the seniors that can play the music of their choice or also switch off the light after they sleep. These are also helpful to remind them of when to take medications.

  • The safety lid lifter is if great use to senior citizens who would not get hurt when lifting the lids. You could also consider gifting them ajar opener.

  • The gadgets to magnify let them read their favorite magazine or the newspaper as well as see the small things that are difficult for their eyes to focus upon.

  • If one loves to read then buying a Kindle is a smart purchase.

  • Digital photo frames are a great gift for the seniors at home. This lets them not clutter their homes with photo albums.

  • The portable music system is a great gadget to buy for a senior who enjoys listening to music

  • Foot massager is a gadget that you can buy for a senior at home. The senior can sit and relax while the foot massager gives him a nice massage.

  • Body massager chairs are also available that can be gifted to a senior. The seniors often complain of pain and this massager gives them comfort.

  • Head-mounted light is a great purchase and this the seniors can wear on their heads. They thus never lose things and there is also less risk of them falling off.

These gadgets for seniors can be really handy. In case the seniors are staying alone at home then a security alarm system can also be installed so that they know if someone has broken into their house and they can then immediately alert the police.…

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