After eight hours of sleep on the bed, the thought of starting another hectic day at the office may drive one crazy even before getting out of the bed. The thought can vanish and one can start the day with full energy with just a sip of coffee.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is no equal to any tablet or exercise that gives you energy.  Many people around the world take coffee whenever they feel tired or whenever they feel like getting the power to move on with their work. You may also be one among them who likes to have a sip of coffee. Have you ever wondered what makes coffee one of the best drinks to kick start the day? Have you ever wondered why many people who feel drowsy get strength after a cup of coffee?

All the quality fresh coffees that we drink contains caffeine, which is not a very big secret but the secret is how we get energy from it. Caffeine which is a fat soluble chemical passes through our blood and reaches the brain. The brain is controlled by many neurotransmitters like glycine, adenosine, dopamine and much more. These neurotransmitters send signal to various cells making a person happy, sad or a different feeling. When a person drinks coffee, the caffeine present in it gets attached to the adenosine which quiets the brain cells. As the quieting effect of the neurotransmitter is blocked by caffeine, the activity of the brain cell increases leading to the increase in epinephrine which is also a neurotransmitter responsible for the stimulation effect inside our body. This is why a person feels brisk and energetic when he drinks coffee.

So, when you again sip a cup of coffee, never forget to remember why you feel energetic after taking coffee.…