Be it the summer holidays or a casual outing, nothing beats the pleasure of waking around in light weight and comfortable flip flops. As simple or stylish they may be, a pair of flip flops is a ‘must have’ in the shoe rack of every person.

So the next time you are out shopping for summer wear, don’t forget to buy the best flip flops for walking. They are now available in myriad varieties of materials, styles as well as cost options.

It not necessary that one spends a huge amount shopping for flip flops, but what is important is to buy flip flops that are good in quality. You might have just one pair, but they need to be good ones that a sturdy and will not give way rather than many that don’t last long.

If you are out shopping for flip flops, there are some features that you must bear in mind and not get blown away by attractive designs, prices etc.

  • Say no to poor quality: Flip flops may be available in materials like rubber, plastic, suede, leather and even fabric. It is important to look for good quality products. Especially when buying rubber or plastic flip flops, the recycled material or cheap quality ones might give you some nasty cuts or burns as they heat up easily. They also don’t last as long.
  • Sole matters: Often we shop for flip flops looking at just the style, but the sole is equally important. If you buy a smooth sole, it will slip while walking on smooth surfaces or slopes.
  • Comfort before style: Almost all flip flops look attractive, not all are comfortable. Remember to try them out and walk a few steps in the store before purchasing.
  • Weight: Flip flops are meant to be light weight and easy to walk in. If they are heavy they will be uncomfortable and cause your feel to drag.
  • Thickness: It is better to opt for flip flops that have medium thickness. Extremely thin ones tend to affect your natural gait.