The Best 1st Birthday Present Ideas & Gifts

The birth of a child is a joyful event for both the family and people around. When this child finally gets old enough to have a birthday, the parents are over the moon and go all out to make it a special day. A birthday party is held, though the child understands nothing and will not remember anything, the people around want to give this pure soul as much love and blessings they can.

When you are invited to such a party, how do you buy the right gift? Yes, you can walk into StarWalkKids and buy things marked for a 1-year-old. Here are a few more ideas to make your present stand out from the crowd:


This is the age the child starts learning to hold things firmly. Try to pry something out of the hands of a 1-year-old and you will see what a firm grip they have. Get them colorful building blocks. They won’t know what to do with it but the colors will fascinate them. Over a period of time, they will start trying to make sense of it and put one on top of the other, building towers eventually. This is a food for their imagination.


They still don’t know to make out different shapes. Get them puzzles that involve shapes. Big blocks in different shapes that need to be put into the right hole to fit in. this will improve their cognitive development.

Light And Music

If you want to get them toys that are fun and will get their attention get them things with a lot of sounds and lights. A child of this age is bound to get cranky and unmanageable at times, these loud and bright toys can be very handy in such times.

Things That Move

These children have just started, or are yet to move on their own, unassisted. When they have something interesting moving in front of them, they are tempted to catch it, thus moving more on their own.

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7 Ways To Get Her Back

When you are in a relationship, fights are inevitable. Sometimes these fights get out of hand and people say things they don’t mean and it only gets worse from there. If you have been in a relationship, you would definitely relate to such fights.

Make Things Right

Did you have a bad fight with your girlfriend? Did you say things that were not true just to hurt her or win the argument? Then you would definitely be feeling guilty and would want to make things right as soon as possible. Such actions should never be procrastinated. Delaying it will only make the situation worse as she is left to feel bad and depressed for longer.

So, what do you do? Apologize. But will a regular apology to the face or over the phone suffice?

Here are seven ways in which you can say you are sorry:

  1. Sometimes a gift can make all the difference.  Apologise to your girlfriend with a gift and the situation will be smoothened out faster.
  2. Write her a beautiful note or a letter to tell her how sorry you feel. Words can melt her heart right away
  3. Plan a dinner date at her favorite restaurant where it is not easy to get a table. This will show her you cared enough to book in advance
  4. Spend a whole day with her doing things she likes. This will help you forget the bitter fight and also connect better
  5. Yes communication is the key to the success of any relationship. Sometimes you need to revisit the fight to understand why both of said all those things you didn’t really mean. This will bring more clarity
  6. Send her a beautiful message on the radio. Pass on the message on the program she tunes into or is likely to tune into (you would know when and which station she tunes into regularly)
  7. Though flowers are clichéd, get her some flowers that are either in season or rare, to show her you care.
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