Should you grow a beard or should you settle for a cleaner look? Though it is a matter of personal choice the matter of acceptance is always a disputed one.

Having a beard would protect your face

Your beard is going to keep your face feeling warmer in winters and would block UV rays to some extent. That was on a lighter note, however, there is still some truth behind it. The truth is that there have been several scientific reasons stated to justify having a beard. Whether you choose to believe it or not is, however, up to you.

A beard is a timeless trend

From the past, a beard has been seen as a symbol of masculinity. Surveys conducted all over the world show that people still consider those with well-kept beards to be better looking. These men are also observed to appear more powerful than the cleanly shaved counterparts. There was a time when almost everyone had a beard. So those who wished to go different chose to have a clean shave. This then became the trend. And it also became a norm in the corporate world. But now again we see several men in power donning masculine beards. This trend is contagious and it has been globally accepted as a cool quotient. Maintaining a beard is also now made simpler. There is a long line of beauty products that you would find in the market which are specially designed to help men grow a beard faster and to maintain them well. If you choose to grow your beard longer then you should definitely consider investing in a good beard oil for nourishing the beard. So no matter what debate goes on if you choose to grow a beard you also should choose to take very good care of it.…