One of the most important accessories that a professional executive requires is a briefcase. These can be casual, mean business (very formal), and sometimes a rugged, roomy one to accommodate many work situations.

Apart from your outfit and demeanour, people at work also tend to notice your accessories, of which the most important one is your briefcase. The briefcase not only must be useful and handy to the carrier but also must enhance one’s appearance and outfit.

There’s a misnomer that fashion cannot be functional. It is possible to have a completely handy yet stylish briefcase as I found the most functional briefcase here which also looked fashionable and suited to purpose.

There are a few varieties in a functional and fashionable bag that you can always choose from. These are:

  • A casual leather commuter bag: This is a convenient style which is quite useful for everyday or frequent use. Also, these bags come in different styles. One can always carry them like a briefcase too. They usually come with good padding and therefore can withstand the rough daily handling. When you buy ensure that the bag has convenient storage options and can hold everything you wish to carry in a day-to-day briefcase.
  • Classic business briefcases: If you have to encounter formal and professional work meetings, then the classic business briefcase may give you the look of professionalism. There are hard and soft covers for such briefcases. There are many versatile designs available today and you can always choose one that fits your ideas of usefulness, style, convenience and affordability.
  • Rugged, roomy yet compact briefcases/ bags: Sometimes work may require you to travel and if you’re the type who travels frequently, then a regular day-to-day use briefcase may not be adequate for such occasions. You need a rugged back which is sleek but also gives good room and clever storage options. It should hold all your electronic gadgets and a few other essentials that help you handle work in a variety of situations.

So, go ahead and pick one that is not just fully functional, but also scores in the styling department.…