In order to enjoy the Madden Ulitimate Team (MUT), there is a necessity that the game maintains a playing field that is level. It should also have a healthy auction house and a game play environment that offers an equal opportunity for all.

The coin sellers have however ruined this experienceby creating an imbalance in the competition. There is also a lot of disparity in the market pricing and the earning rewards.

I got my mut coins today. If that excites you then you should know that anyone who is eitherselling orbuying the coins tend to lessen the experience of mut for the others.

Raising the auction price

When the coin buyers buys the coin for cheap from the auction house, then that tends to take away the opportunity to buy the coins cheap from those playerswho earned the coins legitimately. This tendsto take the game in favor of those who buy the coins.

Shows the progress of the game

It is harder for those players who are legitimate in order to take long term progress when they fight against coin buyers on the auction house because those who buy from the auctionhouse can easily purchase the items in order to complete the set andto build a team.

Unleveling the playing field

A coin buyer builds ateam but does not earn it. This then defeats the legitimate players in the games.The coin buyer tends to steal the rewards of coins and packs theone that was rightly for the legitimate players.

Stolen information

There have been instances when the phishing teams have posed as coin sellers and had tried to steal user login information. Theschemes tend to engage the buyers in a transaction that steals the information of the buyer and the cons then accesses the information to steal everything from the user’s account. This will end up compromising on all accounts of theuser.