Service dogs are basically working dogs who are not merely pets but they are trained to perform aspecial task that is of assistance to their human owners and companions.  They are special breeds trained specially to work for and care for people who need assistance foreven simple chores.

How to identify service dogs?

There are special accessories that are available for working dogslike service dogs and therapy dogs which distinguish them from other normal pets. These accessories primarily include vests and patches that come in specific colors which signify the purpose they are meant for.

  • Vests

Service dog vests are helpful in keeping others from distracting them. They also prevent people from asking awkward questions. As many people are canine friendly and very often reach out to pet them, service dog vests are indicators to tell such people not to pet them. Petting these dogs may distract them from their line of work.

Vests make service dogs look professional and tell people from far that they are at work.

  • Patches

Service dog patches are meant to identify the purpose for which your dog is providing service like a guide dog, seizure alert dog, diabetic alert dog. Hearing dog, blind dog, PTSD dog, etc. They also double up as indicators to inform people around that they should not be petted or distracted as they are working. If at all they would like to pet the working day it is preferable to ask for permission.  These patches can be sewn onto your dog’s vest for immediate identification of whether he is a therapy dog or a service dog or even other types of dogs like police dogs and search and rescue dogs.

There are many stores and online websites where these accessories are easily available and you can order them in the comfort of your homes and they will soon be delivered to your doorstep.