1. Choose The Best For Your House

A house becomes a home sweet home only when it is made to be comfortable and keeps all the housemates happy and satisfied. For this it is very important that the look of the house is enhanced with the best things possible. And one among them is the sofas, cushions on them and the sofa drapers. Yes, the first thing that hits the eyes of anybody new to the house is the ambience and the feel they get when they enter the house. And this is greatly aided by these small accessories. Sofas and chairs need not be decorated using all these but if done they would give an elegant look to them. There are many different types of fabrics available for this purpose and choosing the best one would serve the purpose well. Some of the popular fabric materials are silk, nylon, rayon, cotton etc… You also get designer vintage fabric for unbeatable prices. While selecting the fabric for your cushions or pillows it is very important that you look for certain things in them like:

  • The material should be washable and reusable. This is because there are all possibilities for them to accumulate dirt and dust, unless it is plastic and this needs regular dusting and a wash atleast once in six months.
  • The weaving should be strong and sturdy so that they last for long and they should not give up with just a single wash
  • The next important thing is the color of the fabric and finally the complete piece. Generally some bright and mixed colors are expected to run color at their first wash which might be harmful and damage the looks of the draper. So buy only the ones that would promise not to run color and fade away and the ones that would ensure to stay bright forever.