Pregnancy is that special time when every soon-to-be-mom would love to be pampered. There is a lot of misconception and doubt regarding facials and massages that can be undertaken during this time. While it is important to consult your doctor before you go for any special treatment, it’s a lot of fun to indulge yourself in a general facial routine and relaxing massage in a spa of good repute. When I was pregnant, I got a specialist massage here and it was very relaxing and soothing and overall a fabulous experience.

Why should you get a massage done when you’re expecting?

A specialist recommended massage is highly recommended because it soothes and relaxes the stiff back muscles, and sore hips. It leaves the pregnant lady feeling fresh and good about herself. When done correctly, a massage drives away the occasional pregnancy blues and is a great stress- reliever

What to expect during a massage session and when is the best time to book for any specialist massage and spa treatment?

The best time to get a specialist massage done is during the second trimester when morning sickness is mostly not there. It is best to consult your doctor and masseuse specialist before you take the step.

As a thumb rule, it is best to get your massage done from a spa that specializes in treating mums-to-be. The masseuse must be well-trained to handle expecting moms and make them relax thoroughly.

When you go in for a facial and a massage routine, go for gentler types that do not overly- sensitize your skin and does not cause any side-effects. It is important to choose products that are recommended during pregnancy and ones that can deal with any sensitive skin.

What must you avoid when you opt for a massage?

Avoid oils, creams and other products that are potentially harmful and not recommended given your pregnant condition. It is important to avoid heat treatments, saunas, and steam rooms.

Always, consult your doctor and the masseuse therapist before you get a massage or spa treatment done.