Discount coupons and vouchers are an incredible way of saving money. If you’ve watched TV, then, you know that Honey Boo-Boo and her family are into couponing big-time and do most of their grocery shopping using vouchers and coupons and they shop for their supplies entirely from stores that issue vouchers.

Vouchers and Coupons

The popular show Extreme Couponing has everyone talking. It features families that collect coupons over a specific time frame and then go to stores to buy things and after the coupons are calculated and counted, they end up paying a few cents only, or sometimes not even that much!

Vouchers and coupons are available at multiple outlets, here’s a few pointers:

  • The inserts in the Sunday papers
  • Any websites that specialize in discounts and deals
  • Online resources that have coupons that you can download and use when you go shopping
  • E-coupons you can transfer to your store card
  • Peel-off coupons that you can find on products themselves

Where’s the money?

You must be thinking that there is some kind of catch? You don’t spend a penny and it looks like the store has taken the trouble of printing and circulating the coupons and not getting any money out of it. This isn’t true. Stores actually make money through this bargain. Here’s how:

  • Coupons enable people to buy more, which in turn translates to more footfalls for the store and a lot of publicity
  • Once trust is established, companies will engage with the customer more and get them to keep coming back
  • Coupons are free money, but stores are making their money back from coupons, so are companies
  • The more you buy, the more you get, and the more you use coupons the more stores make.

While people will tell you to take the free money, please remember that coupons are still around because someone has done the math and knows how to get you to buy and how to make money off of your buying. If you do want a good deal from coupons, just remember that The namshi discounts make all the difference!