LED and CFL bulbs are replacing the old incandescent bulbs gradually. There are people who still do not understand the difference between the various kinds of devices. The biggest differentiating factors are their brightness, colour and prices.

We still believe in a term called wattage to measure the brightness of bulbs. Scientifically their effectiveness is measured in Lumens. A LED bulb and an old style bulb of the same wattage will not provide the same colour glow or same brightness. LED bulbs provide the maximum brightness so far, and they illuminate immediately. Even CFL bulbs take a little while to warm up and give bright light. So we can see the superiority of LEDs over other forms of lighting. You can visit www.modern.place, and compare the prices and variety of different types of bulbs to understand more about them.

The market is seeing a reduction in the prices of LEDs making them more affordable. They are also available in many colours and styles, making them more attractive. But the most important factor in their favour is their durability. These last for years and years thereby making them worth the money spent on them as they promise great returns in the form of savings for many years to come. These are technologically advanced and highly energy efficient and use less electricity and provide more brightness.

These are intelligent lights. When used with dimmer switches or sensors, then the users can be minimized to create more savings. You can use a fraction of the money to light the entire house if you replace all the bulbs by LEDs. These are environment-friendly too and do not emit radiation or heat. All these factors make LED bulbs the perfect tool to be used.

Now the question is whether they make good investment options. Yes, if you realize the worth of your long time expenditure on power consumption and the positive impact on the environment, then hands down it is an investment. But you cannot just replace a few bulbs in the house with LED lights and then expect miraculous savings in your electricity bill. When we speak of investment and saving, then it is a long-term plan and LED bulbs are definitely the way to go forward and save money and environment.