There is an emphasis on staying chaste and the importance of it in a person`s life in almost all the religions. There are principles and teachings enlightening people on how important it is to be chaste and they also talk about how important it is to safeguard and protect this quality to be lost only to a man or woman who enters the person`s life in a wedlock. But in today`s culture and trend, most of the people imagine and consider coming close to each other as just a means for sex and being together which is incorrect. And to such people, it is important that the meaning and the basic understanding of this chastity is taught.

For some, this might go beyond their understanding. But a simple way to make this dawn in them is by throwing light on how bad it is to be together before marriage and what the negative effects would be if a person indulges in extramarital affairs. This is how people with questions and controversies can be tackled easily. Of course, there is a group that stays unsatisfied even after so much of elucidation and explanation and they are to be ignored from this.

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